About Y2TS

At Y2TS, we take the armor of Christ seriously. By Marketing the logo on custom apparel, performance wear, hats and bags. We offer an avenue for believers to witness to people of all walks of life by wearing HIS shield. The vision that God put into our hearts led us to people outside the churches into the workplace, entertainment, and into our sports world. A logo that embodies the Gospel of Christ, of Peace, Joy and Love. Yield To The Shield began with a message to yield to the shield of God. I Believe.

Genesis: 15:1

Abram I Am Your Shield

John: 8:12

I AM the Light of The World

Hebrews: 4:12

My Word is Sharper than any Sword


Water For Life

Our goal is to share God’s love through a partnership with the Water For Life Ministries. A portion of your purchase will go to help build wells in areas of need. It is their vision to provide a cup of cold water to all those who say “I am thirsty” (Matthew 25).

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